The Teramana Family
2011 Family Heritage Award

The Teramana Family came to the United States from Pescara, Italy, located on the Adriatic Sea.

They originally owned Teramana Brother's Coal Company, located on the outskirts of Steubenville in Jefferson County. In the late 1960s when the coal business began to decline, the family got into real estate development, working out of the mining office.

The late Dominic and Eliza "Toots" Teramana were the parents of Dominic Teramana. A 1962 graduate of Steubenville Central Catholic High School, Dom served in the Ohio National Guard and then Ohio University graduating with the Class of 1968.

His office, located in a stand-alone building to the east of the Hollywood Plaza, overlooks Harding Stadium in Steubenville.

His father had two brothers, Tony and Albert, both raised in a Columbus orphanage.

Tony had three children: Albert, who died at age 61, operated Twin-State Motors; Tony, Jr., who is retired; and John, who died at age 45 from cancer.

Albert had four children: Gary, Mark, Albert, Jr., and Terry. Gary and Mark own and operate Team Automotive Group, offering Toyota, Lincoln, Chevy and Ford vehicles. Albert, Jr., is retired, and Terry lives in Las Vegas.

Dom credits his Uncle Albert for being his mentor. At Albert's death, Dom assumed a leadership position with the company.

The Teramanas made a one million dollar gift to construct the Teramana Cancer Center near their office, and they have been strong supporters of Little League and American Legion Baseball.

Dom was a catcher for Coach Ang Vacarro in American Legion Baseball and was involved in supporting the construction of Vacarro Field located above the Franciscan University of Steubenville Campus.