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Induction Ceremonies Held on July 5th, 1998

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The first class of inductees to the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame was held July 5, 1998 on the front steps of the hall of fame. Hundreds attended the event hosted by TV personality Regis Philbin. The class of 1998 is listed below:

Inductee Lou Holtz

      On any given hot summer night in East Liverpool in the 1950's, a group of local boys could be found hanging out on The Dairyland Corner, swapping stories and watching the world pass by. One of these young lads possessed such a positive attitude and winning smile that back in those days, he was affectionately known as "Sunshine". Today, we all know him as Coach Lou Holtz.
      Born Louis Leo Holtz on January 6, 1937 in Follensbee, W.Va., Holtz came to East Liverpool at an early age when his father, Andy, began working for the local bus company. Because Andy went into World War II, Holtz and his mother Anne spent much time with her brother, the late Lou Tychonievich, and many of the local youths with whom he still maintains friendships today. Dreaming that one day he would weigh enough to be worthy of an ELHS Potters football uniform, Holtz never missed a practice during the days when many would liked to have escaped the wrath of head coach Wade Watts. But under the demanding mentor, he observed and formed an unshakable foundation that would allow him to lead and influence countless young people in the future.
      It was during his high school years at ELHS that he met Beth Barcus, and together they formed a partnership that has stood as an example and an inspiration to all. Their four grown children, Luanne, Skip, Kevin and Liz, are a tribute to the Holtz's dedication and devotion to family life.
      His successful football career is a matter of public knowledge and national headlines. But what can be said about one who has done so much for his hometown? Even after taking his Notre Dame Irish team to the national championship, becoming one of the most popular and successful college coaches of all time, after visiting with four different U.S. presidents, the Pope and other dignitaries from around the world, being showered with countless accolades and honors.... he has never once forgotten his hometown and the individuals who were an instrumental part of his life back in those early days.
      For the example Coach Holtz has set, for the work he has done, for the spirit he has ignited in us all, we commend him and honor him today, July 5, 1998.

Inductee Don Cagigas

      Don Cagigas has been the driving force behind the donation of the Bank One building to help set the plan in motion. Without his determination and perseverance, we would not be here today.
      A native of Farrell, PA., Don Cagigas graduated from Youngstown State University and began his banking career in 1971. He became associated with Bank One as Senior Vice President of Funds and Investment Management in 1974, and was named Chairman and CEO of Bank One, Youngstown, NA in 1989, after serving as President and Chief Operating Officer for a year. When Bank One consolidated its affiliates throughout Ohio in May 1997, he was named President of the Mahoning Valley region for the new Bank One, NA.
      Involved in virtually every facet of business in the greater Northeast Ohio area, Cagigas has long been associated with the Industrial Information Institute, the Ohio Foundation of independent Colleges, the Youngstown/Mahoning Valley United Way, the Youngstown State University Foundation, and serves as chairman of the Citizens Advisory Commission on Mahoning County Government. The recipient of numerous honors and awards, he has been especially proud of his affiliation with the Butler Institute of American Art and with its director, Dr. Louis Zona, and will now be able to point to another facility in which he has played a major role in achieving success.
      Cagigas and his wife, Gloria, reside in Poland and are the parents of a grown son and daughter. It is with a great sense of pride that they join us in honoring him as an inductee of the Lou Holtz/ Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame.

Inductee Dr. James W. Smith

      Anyone visiting the office of Dr. James W. Smith on East 69th Street in New York City will discover more than a medical practice, for in fact behind the walls of the seven-story brownstone mansion, one would find one of the most interesting individuals anywhere in the person of Dr. Smith.
      Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, Jim Smith left his hometown following graduation in 1944, taking his youthful personality with him. Influenced by his boyhood trips to Rock Springs Park across the river in Chester, West Virginia, this genial individual amassed one of the largest collections of penny arcade artifacts in the world. When the over 740 items were sold three years ago at Sotheby's Auction Galleries in New York, it marked the end of the era, for it is doubtful that any one person or persons would ever be able to locate such rare items. Included in his extensive collection were various pieces from the Rock Springs Park carousel, including the band organ, later housed in the 'Truck-a-Tune' which Dr. Smith donated to the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association several years ago.
      After serving his country during World War 11 in the United States Navy, Dr. Smith headed for Case Western Reserve University, followed by Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he received his medical degree in 1952. His successful reconstructive surgery practice now sits right in the heart of Manhattan - such a magnificent office building that it was once featured in Architectural Digest. Inside is a bustling medical hospital where many famous patients have been treated; yet Dr. Smith is equally warm and caring with the lesser known individuals who seek his expertise.
      Dr. Smith's list of accolades, awards, professional memberships and publications would fill volumes, yet perhaps his greatest source of pride comes from his wife, Nancy, and their five grown children and grandchildren.
      Because of his vision, his enthusiasm and his refusal to quit, our community has benefitted in more ways than could possibly be acknowledged. For his tremendous effort in obtaining the Bank One facility, we recognize Dr. James W. Smith as an inductee in the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame, July 5, 1998.

Inductee U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant

      United States Representative James A. Traficant, Jr. was born May 8, 1941 in Youngstown, Ohio. He was educated in the Youngstown parochial school system where his athletic ability earned him a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Following graduation from Pitt in 1963, where he enjoyed remarkable success as both a quarterback on the Panther football team and a student in the Department of Education, he went on to receive his Masters degree in both counseling and administration at Youngstown State University.
      From 1971 to 1981, Jim Traficant served as the director of the Mahoning County Drug program where he established and directed a Parent Awareness Group in Ohio to educate families about substance abuse, and expanded the number of community crime watch and drug enforcement programs. His initial entry into the political arena came when he was elected Sheriff of Mahoning County, followed by his first year in the United States Congress in 1984, a position in which he has been re-elected five times, each time garnering at least 72 percent of the vote. In 1992, he received the third highest number of votes of any House member.
      Well-known for his Buy America legislation, Traficant also made national headlines by refusing to enact foreclosure orders on the homes of several unemployed workers. He openly defied a court order and spent three days in jail to protest the proceedings and draw attention to the plight of unemployed homeowners. His willingness to assist with all worthy public endeavors is well documented; the list of congressional and career accomplishments seems endless. He has appeared on The CBS Morning News, the Donahue Show, CNN's Crossfire, Good Morning America, and America's Most Wanted, among others.
      Congressman Traficant and his wife, Patricia, are the parents of two daughters. He has been of great assistance to the formation of the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame, and is hereby inducted this day, July 5, 1998.

Inductee Jackman S. Vodrey

      Jackman S. Vodrey, committed businessman, attorney, and friend is a product of the East Liverpool school system, moving on to Mercersburg Academy before receiving his undergraduate degree at Princeton University in 1960. His schooling at Princeton was interrupted by a two-year stint with the U.S. Army's 41st Tank Battalion stationed in the U.S. and Germany. He earned a juris doctorate in 1963 from the University of Michigan Law School and immediately returned to East Liverpool to commence a highly successful law career along with a legacy of community service.
      Jack Vodrey's list of civic accomplishments and charitable activities are without parallel. He has been involved in the Tri-State Area Citizens Scholarship Foundation since 1965, serving initially as a trustee and as president of the organization since 1986. The Foundation awarded more than $156,000 to 138 students in 1997 alone, with absolutely no operating costs of any kind. He has been an active member of St. Stephens Episcopal Church as both treasurer and choir member. Other activities over the years include involvement in the Little Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River Advisory Council, East Liverpool City Hospital Board of Trustees, the James Godwin Charitable Fund, Visiting Nurses Association of East Liverpool, Little Beaver Creek Land Foundation, and the East Liverpool Fawcett Community Foundation. He is the fourth generation member of his family to serve as a trustee of the Riverview Cemetery Association, where he is currently secretary/treasurer. He serves as general counsel for WHBC-AM and FM radio stations of Canton, Ohio; is director and general counsel of the Hall China Company; vice-president, treasurer and director of the Tri-State Tennis Club, and from 1992-1997 was director and a member of the Potters Savings & Loan Company's Executive Committee.
      Vodrey married the former Jane Green in 1958, and they are the parents of Sarah Webster Vodrey, Catherine Stroud Vodrey and William Franklin Boyd Vodrey and have five grandchildren. The founding secretary/treasurer of the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame, Vodrey is hereby inducted into the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame this day, July 5, 1998.

Inductee Joseph M. Wells,Jr

      A third generation member of his family to be involved in the ownership and management of the Homer Laughlin China Company, Joseph M. Wells, Jr. was born December 14, 1915.Following graduation from Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio and the University of Pennsylvania -where he received his Bachelors Degree in Marketing in 1939 - he volunteered for service during World War 11, serving in the Pacific Theatre with the United States Navy.
      Joe Wells' association with Homer Laughlin could well be dated back to his boyhood days when he first became involved at the Newell, WV plant. Throughout his more than 65 years' involvement with the company - known for its manufacturing of world famous Fiesta Ware - he has served as plant superintendent, secretary/treasurer, executive vice president, general manager, and chairman of the board of directors. Although officially retired, he maintains a full-time schedule at the company's corporate headquarters, providing both his time and talent generously to see the company continue to grow. A well-documented bonus plan by the Laughlin's has been a major economic boom to the Tri-State area.
      Throughout his life, Mr. Wells has been active in the Boy Scouts movement, the YMCA, and the East Liverpool City Hospital, of which he has been a significant supporter for many years.
      An avid golfer, his personal friendship with Arnold Palmer is a source of great pride to him, along with his association with Coach Lou Holtz.
      On January 15, 1940, he married the former Elizabeth Thomas of Akron, Ohio, the couple having three children, Mr. Joseph M. Wells III, Mrs. Pete Jean) Wicks, and Mrs. Jack (Liz) Mclivain, and later eight grandchildren. His wife passed away on June 19, 1981. Mr. Wells is founding vice-president and member, of the Lou Holtz /Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame and is hereby inducted into the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame this day, July 5, 1998.

Inductee Dr. Joseph J. Macedonia

      A zest for life filled every one of Dr. J.J. Macedonia's days, and anyone who knew the congenial physician would undoubtedly say no one would be prouder to be inducted into the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame today than he.
      When Dr. J. passed away in 1997 at the age of 57, he left behind a void that has been impossible to fill. But he has also left behind a legacy of unparalleled service, devotion to his family, and kindness to his fellowman that will never be forgotten. A native of Jefferson County, Ohio, Dr. Macedonia was graduated from Steubenville Catholic Central High School, receiving his undergraduate degree at the university of Notre Dame, and his medical degree at the University of Guadalajara before returning to his beloved hometown to establish a highly successful medical practice.
      J.J. was not only a fine physician and surgeon, but he was a friend to his patients as he continuously put service above self. His 23 years as team doctor for the Steubenville Central Crusader football team is but one example of the continuous service he rendered for the benefit of the team. On a community level, his commitment was above and beyond his medical practice and business ventures. Dr. Macedonia supported virtually every charity in n in an extremely generous manner.
      To his wife Diane, and daughters Marla, Marci and Mica, and son-in-law Bill Phillips, we share in your pride as we recognize an exemplary individual, Dr. J. J. Macedonia, inducted into the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame July 5, 1998.

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